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FCC Fireside Chat - Using AI for Marketing, Advertising, and Brand Building

Would you like to explore the application of AI in marketing, advertising, and branding with insights from a seasoned marketer with experience on campaigns for major brands such as Estée Lauder.

Beatrix Meszaros was kind enough to give us an hour of her time, to not only talk us through how she's elevating her marketing game with her 'swiss army knife' colleague, ChatGPT, but to show us as well.

From how to 'speak' to your fast-paced 'colleague' to get the results you want as a fractional, to the concept of running only one advisory clinic a quarter, Beatrix has it covered.

Thank you so much to Beatrix for teaching us a thing or two, it wasn't just an insightful watch but an entertaining one too.

Thank you to all of the event attendees for joining us.

This event was organised by RecWorks, on behalf of the Fractional Consultants Community.

Watch the recording now to learn more.


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