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Fractional Consultant Community

Fractional Consultant Community

The Fractional Consultant Community is a newly formed community that seeks to bring together professionals from various disciplines such as CTOs, CPOs, COOs, advisors, and consultants to collaborate, network and share their expertise. 


The community aims to create a supportive network of fractional consultants who are helping businesses and organisations navigate complex challenges and achieve their goals. Within the group we are running regular events, sharing information and contacts and looking at new ways to build awareness of the fractional movement. 

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Upcoming Event

FCC Member Meet and Greet

Join us for our regular member meet and greet. We run these regularly so that you can drop in and connect with new and existing members to expand your network in a fast and efficient way. You’ll have a chance to connect with new people, hear more about the FCC Community and also about other recommended groups, platforms and connections we have established. Highly recommended for new members to meet others in the group. If you come to this event you will meet a range of other members of the group and can establish new relationships that you can develop over time and hopefully explore potential collaborations, partnerships or lead sharing in future. Whether you’re a fractional CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO, CPO, COO or CxOs, you are welcome to come along and start networking. What will happen? Part one Everyone will add Linkedin details and have a chance to introduce themselves with a brief 30-60 second overview to talk about what you do and what you’ve done. Part two (Optional) Once we’ve done the initial meet and greet, we’ll share details and experiences of other fractional groups, good people to know in the fractional space and some of the connections we’ve built. Previous attendee feedback: “The community is both friendly and action-oriented, which I like, and I’ve already chatted to a lot of people I met through this group” Nicky Dibben “Thanks for the invite. Was great to meet everyone!” Sabah Zdanowska “I’ve met marketing and product people at these events, and they’ve introduced me to great companies aligned with my values. Everyone’s friendly and welcoming.” James Conroy-Finn Who should come? • Existing FCC members • Brand new FCC members • Existing fractional CxOs • Aspiring fractional CxOs










The next event is coming soon!

Upcoming  Events

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