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Fractional Consultant Community

Fractional Consultant Community

The Fractional Consultant Community is a newly formed community that seeks to bring together professionals from various disciplines such as CTOs, CPOs, COOs, advisors, and consultants to collaborate, network and share their expertise. 


The community aims to create a supportive network of fractional consultants who are helping businesses and organisations navigate complex challenges and achieve their goals. Within the group we are running regular events, sharing information and contacts and looking at new ways to build awareness of the fractional movement. 

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The Impact of Generative AI on the Future of Consulting

Imagine a world where client insights emerge in seconds, not days; consultants and AI collaborate to unlock client value; consulting project economics are redefined; and demand for consultants with relevant AI skill sets accelerates. This is the future of consulting, and now is the time to act. Join us as we explore the potential of generative AI, and discover how this technology is reshaping the consulting landscape. Speaker Bio: James Christie is a co-founder of Artificial Workflow, an AI solutions firm that has developed a flexible AI platform called Echobase, that can support a range of consulting and business use cases. James has spent a significant proportion of his career working for an international FMCG company and in consulting with EY and boutique firms practicing in the areas of corporate, organisational and customer strategy. This event is organised by RecWorks on behalf of the Fractional Consultants Community










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