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Fractional Consultant Community

Fractional Consultant Community

The Fractional Consultant Community is a newly formed community that seeks to bring together professionals from various disciplines such as CTOs, CPOs, COOs, advisors, and consultants to collaborate, network and share their expertise. 


The community aims to create a supportive network of fractional consultants who are helping businesses and organisations navigate complex challenges and achieve their goals. Within the group we are running regular events, sharing information and contacts and looking at new ways to build awareness of the fractional movement. 

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Upcoming Event

FCC: Creating New Streams of Revenue as a Fractional - PART 2

Last month Matt gave a compelling presentation about how a fractional could supplement their day-rate work with other streams of revenue, or potentially convert their approach into a consultancy? Matt Todd is a startup coach who works with freelancers, contractors and fractionals to help them leverage their time and expertise to find and create alternative income streams. He runs a program called "Contractor to Consultancy" in which he works with people to help them productise their skills and services. Following the first event which was largely theory, we have invited Matt to come back and apply his theory to different fractional CxOs. During this event Matt will interview three fractional CxOs about their business and then suggest how they could consider repackaging part of their service and give a loose overview of how he’d move from concept to implementation. 

This is a first of it’s kind event for both Matt and the FCC. This is event is organised by RecWorks on behalf of the FCC Community










The next event is coming soon!

Upcoming  Events

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