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Why Fractional Executives Need a Board of their Own

On the 17th April, Carl Tishler, alongside Garrett Mears and Fergus Doyle, joined the FCC for a discussion entitled Why Fractional Executives Need a Board of Their Own.

He also discussed that by having a professional that you are interacting with regularly, you essentially have somebody functioning as a non-exec director guiding you through the journey of being the CEO of yourself.

The event was really interesting, and gave us a lot to think about.

Thank you to Carl, Garrett, and Fergus for shedding some light on the need for processes that boost our self-care habits, and how by having a board to fall back on this can be an attainable goal.

This event was organised and sponsored by RecWorks, a community-driven tech recruitment.

Watch the recording now to learn more.


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